The other side of the road

The demon & I went on a short road trip. I was planning on posting photos of sunsets and kittens, but I kind of got side-tracked. As one does. These will have to do:

Because FUCK YOU, that's why!
The eternal question. Spotted outside the Ronde-View+ Cafe in Wilderness. Who says all vanity plates are idiotic?

Yes, I *AM* rubbing my nipple.  Well spotted
Alas, poor Julius… Shakespearian improv on a balcony overlooking the Noetzie beach.

Been there.  Bought the cap (the T-shirts were lame)
The iconic Ronnies Sex Shop on the R62 between Ladismith and Barrydale. I can’t quite decide whether it’s missing an apostrophe or not.

This is what happens when you relinquish creative control to the ad agency.  Morons
Fame at last! As you can see, I’m now proudly sponsored by Premier Auto. A pity about the typo, though. Still, it definitely adds a certain style to Stellenbosch that wasn’t there before.

+ 2008 winner of the prestigious ‘Most Atrocious Pun Committed by a Food Establishment’ award


17 thoughts on “The other side of the road

  1. Alright, so you spend your spare time with demons, Ledger-esque wannabe’s, quoting Shakespeare and visiting sex shops .. why am I not all that surprised? The billboard is rather nice … pity they got only half of the saying right. Kyknoord … ry voort, indeed! [


  2. rustum: Matt 6:33 is all well and good, but I think I’d rather rely on the GPS.
    parenthesis: Well it is Stellenbosch after all.
    unbearable banishment: Hey, no touching!
    daisy: Mr Malema has a low tolerance for anything cerebral.
    louisa: I’m not really sure I like the 5-panel layout, or the cars, for that matter, but I’m keeping an open mind.
    dolce: Does brain-death count?
    uncle story: An interesting storey.
    gorilla: It’s not the size of the pool…
    charmskool: Nope – left it behind. I got sick of hearing the ocean.


  3. It’s very thoughtful of Ronnie to put a pub in, for those folks who work up a thirst…

    And the shrubbery (I assume to cushion defenestratees?) is a nice touch too.



  4. lori: Ronnie is the very soul of consideration.
    nursemyra: And the same to you :mrgreen:
    rob: Thanks, but I already have other plans.
    livewire: As you say. It’s not really a sex shop.


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