Safe from the Zombie Apocalypse, too

And that, my friends, is why the aliens opted for the anal probe


12 thoughts on “Safe from the Zombie Apocalypse, too

  1. thats why I always show cleavage when invading other planets.. distracts them..they dont see the antennae or the big ass DOMINATOR 4000 with solar ray *new hidden behind me..


  2. I always thought you were a little “different” but I put it down to your huge intellect. Now I find that I have been hanging out with an alien. How cool will my friends think I am….oh right… my friends think that I’m an alien anyway…oops…. do I really have friends?


  3. dolce: You should see what I can do with them. They aren’t called “feelers” for nothing…
    nursemyra: I was having a metaphorical moment.
    b: Shhh. Don’t say “ass” in front of the natives.
    miss P: Then it’s a damn good thing I’m not a real man, isn’t it?
    peas: Well, we were planning on invading Kimberly.
    charmskool: I’ll loan you some of my imaginary ones, if you like.
    katt: Oh, the boss isn’t stupid – I suspect he acts the way he does because he lost a probe during a non-routine test and now spends most of his time with his head up his butt looking for it.
    stephanie: Look into the bright light.


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