Labouring under a misconception

Beneath that bland exterior beats the throbbing heart of a tabloid journalist.  It's so sad when people miss their calling
You know what I just love? The fact that this week’s top search term driving visitors to the other side of the mountain is “urine drinking”. Admittedly, it’s not quite as bizarre as some of the others I’ve had, but it still gives me a warm feeling.


18 thoughts on “Labouring under a misconception

  1. ha! that joke wouldn’t work here in the states. with union representation, there’s no need to show up to work to get paid. hmmm… i think i need to leave management and join a union…


  2. gnukid: We have that here, too. It’s called “Parliament”
    peas: I don’t think the South African Arse Scratcher and Allied Workers Union is particularly well organised.
    dolce x 2: Yes – ultimately, but at the time, the situation is pregnant with possibility.
    quantumfauxpas: I get to do that about 50% of the time – it’s called “attending meetings” and it’s not all that great, actually.
    dolce (again): Ka-Pweeeeng! Steady on, pardner!
    nursemyra: Don’t they just? :mrgreen:


  3. Is understanding his confusion.
    He’s been paid for years for now doing any real work, so why shouldn’t they.

    Sometimes it is more cost effective to just pay people to stay home – at least that way they can do no damage.


  4. Most of the people I am forced to collude with daily, stopped looking for work just about the time they got the job. It’s amazing what they don’t do, yet get away with. I bow at their maastery: doing nothing and getting paid for it is quite a skill. Mental note: must accquire!


  5. revo: Ja. Especially people like Tony Yengeni.
    miss P: Explains the outsourcing trend. By the way, please tell your bloody call centre in India to leave me alone! DO NOT WANT!
    gorilla bananas: or going for gold.
    dragonzar: Safe from the attention of the urine drinkers at any rate.
    unbearable banishment: Dignified? Sod it. Back to the drawing board.
    stephanie: You have a great future ahead of your in the South African government.
    uncle keith: Exactly. My boss isn’t as thick as he looks.


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