Innuendo bingo

Meetings have suddenly become a whole lot more interesting


20 thoughts on “Innuendo bingo

  1. Oddly enough, in chemical engineering I don’t find that many innuendo technical terms. Just boring old technical terms. Not even amongst the myriad acronyms (which spread like contagion in my company). Unless I’m just not payin’ attention…


  2. daisy: I can get behind that.
    pure evyl: Cheeky.
    robin: Noooooooo! Beat some sense into them before it’s too late.
    rob: Maybe you don’t have the requisite juvenile mentality?
    dolce: That’s what she said!
    nursemyra: It is, by degrees.
    idle layabout: Good luck. You’ll find that my best work is in the bush.


  3. peas: That’s why I don’t play golf.
    stephanie: A swift blow to the head also works.
    rustum: If you think that’s bad, how about the related post “Virginia shooting: Bingo”?
    gnukid: I agree. That’s why I’ve resolved to restrict my personal growth to my pants.
    rob: Or you have really boring meetings.


  4. Yeah the meetings are boring. But that might be because I lead many of them.

    Oh, and also. If I was to actually say anything akin to innuendo, I’d be on the first bus headed to “diversity” training.


  5. uncle keith: Unless it’s Tom Cruise. He needs to stand on a box.
    beaverboosh: True. Those situations are best avoided.
    rob: If you do it with sufficient wide-eyed Spongebob Squarepantesque innocence, they might not notice.


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