Out and about

You know the expression, “be careful what you wish for, you may just get it”?

Of course you do – it’s the weapon of choice of the the curmudgeon; the metaphorical wet blanket used to douse the flame of enthusiasm. It carries with it the message that aspirations are to be feared. It’s also a load of bollocks.

A number of years ago, I found myself reading Dolce’s blog and thinking, “Wow, this is someone I’d really like to meet”. As luck would have it, I did. I’ve been utterly and completely smitten ever since.

For some inexplicable reason, she likes me too.
Hah!  Gotcha!  Now get your kit off and give me PLEASURE!


25 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. You have both just revived my cynical heart and made it go all soft ‘n stuff. Really happy for you, Kyk! ‘Bout bleeding time you get a real woman to whip… I mean… fondle your arse!


  2. INSULIN – i need FUCKING INSULIN…. serioulsy, you two are almost cute enough to melt my pain-encrusted, cynical and shattered heart nuggets. go forth, and be happy… oh, and fuck like rabbits…


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  4. stephanie-anie: Definitely. The right stuff, too.
    dolce: Yeah, I know. He’s all “do you love me” and clingy and stuff.
    red: Oh, I still plan on keeping the artificial one for emergencies.
    shebee: What, are you saying you didn’t get the press pack?
    daisyfae: Fucking insulin? Isn’t that the stuff they give frisky diabetics?
    UB40: I know what you mean. I’ve only managed to injure people at the casino.
    anne: Is that why it’s so hot in here?
    betenoir: Hey, I didn’t give you a hard time when you went all squishy, did I? Actually, I may have. Can’t remember.
    P-nut: Uh huh.
    rustum: No, I was hit in the face with an over-ripe tomato.
    idle layabout: Consenting adults, okay?


  5. Sigh… I better start blogging again pronto! Maybe I’ll find my own ..ah who do I think I’m fooling. Bah humbug glum grumble … damn men. Well, exept for you Kyk, you’re ok. Oh yeah and a guy called Ralph in Joburg who’s really funny and sharp and clever and handsome and ..oh, right, married…damn men bah humbug..


  6. bollocks? no
    there is three major problems with getting what you want.
    1) the journey getting to the goal is half the fun. now its over.
    2) what you imagined is rarely the reality
    3) what do you do now? you have to invent something new to achieve.


  7. marky mark: Mmmm. Much disappointment in you I sense. The path to the Dark Side therein lies…
    1. You need to get out more often.
    2. The key is to have realistic expectations.
    3. How about stopping to smell the roses?
    Seriously dude, if you aren’t able to appreciate something while you have it, you’ll never be happy. I’d have a long hard think about that, if I was you.
    beaverboosh: Ta. She certainly is :mrgreen:


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