True romance

Who says romance is dead?
The above comic is a (slightly paraphrased) version of a conversation that took place between two colleagues. The dude played by Jebus in this episode somehow managed to convince his wife that since they did something she wanted to do last Valentine’s Day, this year it would only be fair if they did something he wanted to do. I foresee a bitter divorce.


13 thoughts on “True romance

  1. hahhahaha…. whew, so glad we’re past the point of roses and romance.
    Our romance is limited to watching the “Love and Rocket” episode of Futurama.
    I don’t see the problem in comprising… I mean, there is beer and wine at Rugby matches right???


  2. daisy: Cool. I’ll even throw in a completion certificate.
    stephanie: I reckon this is less of a compromise and more of a transaction (as in “he’s going to pay for it later!”).
    b: I think You magazine is more likely.
    miss M: Guys, don’t answer that! It’s a trap.
    UB40: So many questions, so few satisfying answers.
    dolce: I think he’s secretly a Bulls fan.
    frank: I’ll tell my colleague to look out for you.
    louisa: He’s very goal-orientated. That’s what attracted her to him in the first place.
    peas: What? You mean to say the attraction of the video feed from my shower webcam has finally palled?
    nursemyra: Well, they often call one another pansies…
    miss P: – or lots of tries, but no conversion.


  3. Wow. I’m going to try that one. Next Valentine’s Day we’re going to go shoe shopping, eat cheesecake, and then Adam will apologize profusely for something and I’ll reluctantly forgive him. This is gonna be great!


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