So stop telling me to loosen up, okay?

Unrelated update:

Unrelated to loose stools, at any rate. Well, unless they have the same studio furniture supplier as SABC2. My apologies – I digress.

The thing is, Rustum Kozain of Groundwork will be the guest on The Unhappy Hour show on Bush Radio this coming Sunday evening at 6pm. Rustum and I go waaaay back. Admittedly we only see one another every fifteen years or so, but that’s no reason not to plug this.

So go forth and listen, faithful Cayennetologists. I command it.


27 thoughts on “Vector

  1. I am surrounded by people who give me diarrhea. Some people I only talk to while sitting on the toilet. Thank Goodness for cell phones.


  2. Employer induced diarrhoea is a recognised illness and is paid for by medical aid except where further injury is caused by crappy (excuse the pun) work toilet seats that slip off the pan whilst in use – this is paid for by workmen’s compensation. I am permanently disabled by employer-induced shits – probably because my current bosses induce total bowel churning daily with their non-stop idiocy, screaming and lack of interest in an unmanageable workload.


  3. Malingering?? He accused you of fabricating or exaggerating the symptoms of mental or physical disorders to avoid work??

    I say off with his head.. let him malinger that a little while..

    … diarrhoea has been known to kill.. you were being considerate by not bringing deathly viruses to work.. he should be giving you a payraise 😀


  4. *sigh*



    What to do. What to do.

    Perhaps if I sang a song.

    But you’ve got such a shitty voice.

    Ferk. Who’s that speaking?

    Me. Your other personality. The one they call Sybil.

    Oh Jesus Christ on Crutches. It’s come down to that has it. All I want to know is how are we going to bring him back.

    Well sing the song. At least if that doesn’t bring him back it will scare him shitless and he’ll come back anyway.


    *cough* *cough*

    – splutter –

    “Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
    There was something in everything about you
    Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
    I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you”


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