Can’t see the forest

Just call me Google: Cube Farm
Although to be fair, it wasn’t immediately apparent. One of the numerous piles of paper on his desk had toppled over and the invoice got buried in the subsequent avalanche. The fact that he hadn’t noticed should tell you something.


32 thoughts on “Can’t see the forest

  1. we’ve got a physicist who pulls out his desk drawers and uses these to build higher vertical piles of shit. his office is a fire hazard (been written up by the fire inspectors routinely). yet i’ve seen him locate a scientific paper from halfway down the third stack on the left behind the door…


  2. We put all our documentation on the G: drive. The top level has over 50 entries in it, each one having another 50 folders ad infinitum. It’s a great place to “put” work that hasn’t actually been done. “It’s on the G: drive, under HR\policy\contractors… no, Policies_08\contrac…, um no maybe 2008Policies\HR\cntrcts…?”


  3. I’m keeping all my stones firmly in my pocket – I spent 30 minutes today hunting for an email I had written the other day which should have been in the file – only to find it in the file together with a new fax that had come in this morning that was in response to said lost email. All neatly stacked in very unavalanche-type pile.


  4. Oooh….office origami, nice.
    If you fold those pieces of paper just right it may look like your boss is actually doing some work. If this is too tall an order for origami, try paper mache and just create a shelter for him to hide out from the world in.


  5. I am always amazed at the people who are in higher positions. I just don’t get the concept of being supposedly so intelligent but having no common sense. If we weren’t here for them, they would sink faster than the Titanic.
    I however can always find something for someone else but never my own stuff.
    Must make me a higher up and I just didn’t know it.


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