I missed a girl

Looks like I'm going to be giving up demons for Lent

Dolce is away on an extended business trip. I miss her already.

Now before any well-meaning soul gets the urge to make a really helpful suggestion like, “oh, just go over and visit”, I should perhaps mention that owing to certain – uh – circumstances I’d rather not go into, I am no longer in possession of a passport. Consequently, travel beyond the borders of the .za domain is an avenue that is closed to me.

It’s going to be a long two months.


58 thoughts on “I missed a girl

  1. I love how you just drop a tidbit of information that is bound to grow and expand your myth.
    Your myth, i said.
    The story of the redeeming union of a demon and a savage criminal. When oh when is Lifetime going to make a movie about you two?!


  2. Aw…I’m sorry, you guys. Can’t Dolce use her demonic powers to teleport interdimensionally and visit you? Just a thought. You have to think outside the box, here, Guys.


  3. dude, longest time.
    hey, i know! i could hook you up with a contact or two who know how to acquire Almost Authentic passports. Then you can go visit. You can thank me later.


  4. Ok won’t be all–aaawww, poor thing. I missed my hubby when he went away for 18 days. I can’t imagine him gone for 2 months. I bought all kinds of little gifts for him while he was gone, e-mailed and sent pics of the puppies and my stepson. It was nice to give him all the little stuff when he came home. Talk to her every night, miss her and love her more when you see her again.


  5. Dude I heard they were selling passports by the truckload at Home Affairs for a mere five hundred RONTS.

    Oh wait…that’s one of the reasons us Saffers now need a tourist visa to get into the UK…


    Hang in there my little buddy x


  6. huh. you wanted to smuggle those monkeys, you DESERVE to lose your traveling privileges! I mean, you fed them McDonald’s ffs.

    also i watched “big trouble” last night so I get the last panel.

    *hugs* to you…she’ll be back before you know it…


  7. She’s in the UK and you’re stuck here..:(
    Sounds like for once you will actual be looking north…well more staring longingly.

    Your passport in broken, damn. Everyone seems to have missed the obvious – she could always just pop home for a decadent weekend.


  8. Maybe you can console yourself with the fact that it’s not an infinite sadness, just a 2 month one. If you’re thinking in terms of infinity, 2 months is about a second!


  9. Having just had the joy of applying for a temp passport I can attest to the fact that the passport q at the Wynberg Department of Home Affairs is do-able. Just take along a book, a camping chair, and rations for about a week …


  10. Kyk, what in Jebus’ name does one have to do to get your pisspot taken away from you? Isn’t that a right guaranteed by the Constitution? Are you genuinely so heinous that the South African government, that bunch of well adjusted law abiding folk, is concerned that you should not be let loose on the international populace?! Awesome dude!

    Send me your SWIFT code, I’ll up UB’s $3.00 to $5.00 (AUD, so anything between 7.5:1 and 1:1 to the ZAR)


    • 302: Good point, although volunteering to make your life unpleasant because some dude in a dress tells you his imaginary friend thinks it’s a good idea isn’t going to get you the sympathy vote.


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