Creative accounting

I wish I was making this stuff up


34 thoughts on “Creative accounting

  1. You should make up a really long pamphlet full of gibberish and give it to your boss, saying, “I found the problem!” Then, while he’s slogging through shit, you and your coworkers can get a bite to eat.


    • rob rob robin: That may work as long as he doesn’t actually read it. Otherwise, he’ll bug me during my lunch hour and insist I explain it to him.


  2. debit to the window
    credit to the door
    journal out everything else to the highest budget cost codes

    accounting – kids stuff – do it on the back of a cigarette box.


    • revo: Obviously it can’t. They’ll just assume that we’re cheating the system somehow and call in a team of management consultants to restructure the company and retrench half the staff.


  3. Oh the answer is simple – you’re losing money by buying things to track where you’re losing money…


    • betenoir: Let’s hope it was cloning, because the very thought of them being associated with – uh – intimate reproductive methods makes my gorge rise.


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