Time to fix that damned hole

Also, he watches me masturbate


41 thoughts on “Time to fix that damned hole

  1. Oh! There’s the wiggly guy holding his own balls, again! I like him!

    I don’t blame Jesus for wanting to get drunk. The world is really chock full of assholes these days.


  2. before trying wine making make sure you’ve completed the course on wine drinking – it’s a very long course with lots of practical.


  3. I get the feeing Jebus is more of a dog person – or can it be that he’s really just not that into this particular pussy? See the literary reference mwhahaha like that particular book is literary. Just wanted to flash some erudition – mind you then I should have referred to Dante in the original Florentine dialect if I wanted to impress you – or not?


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