Fire in the hole

It makes sense if you think about it


54 thoughts on “Fire in the hole

  1. I love your answer to “What’s wrong with you?” It really is a rhetorical question. I ask it to my kids, and I fear that one day they’ll give me an answer.


  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhh…..a….a….TMI….post.

    “Thank you sir! May I have another?”

    kyk: Put on some Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire) and go with the flow.


  3. Ghost Rider’s retarded brother as in you can’t choose when you’re going to spontaneously combust?


  4. someone asked me once ‘do you know what my problem is’ and i said ‘ do you want that chronologically or alphabetically’. it was the single wittiest thing i’ve ever said. i’m not very quick on the uptake or witty, so this was a big deal. i’m pleased i have the chance to share that with more people. thank you kyknoord for facilitating this special moment…


  5. they don’t call it ‘mexican heartburn for nothing’.

    or should that be ‘indian heartburn’ if you had curry?

    toilet paper in the freezer and whatnot?


  6. Customer: what curry is this?
    Waiter (Indian accent): Rangoons Revenge.
    Customer: Is it hot?
    Waiter (Indian accent): Well, let me put it this way – you’ll be doing handstands in the shower in the morning…


  7. get it all out of your system before Dolce comes home–the last thing she needs is to deal w/ your bowel habits. She has her own set of “snotty” problems right now.
    ??toilet paper in the freezer–very good idea–both helpful and evil..
    Ghost Rider–don’t bring his coolness into your preversion–so not right–poor Nicolas Cage..(he’s sending frozen TP)


  8. Crap. Rob said it, too. But can he dance like this ****, and balance 42 5 cent pieces on his elbow, throw thenm in the air and catch them with one hand? I sincerely doubt it.


  9. The thing about diarrhoea is that it knows exactly how much time there is between you and the loo. And it wants to race you.

    Say no to Curry should be a bumper sticker. Or in the running for one at least. I have loosened up on this issue a bit since that frightful evening in London.


  10. I could have some curry now, some nice lamb curry, with a rich, gooey gravy, rich and dark red, the lamb tender and juicy because it had been slow cooked, the potatoes soft soft soft, with some fluffy basmati flavoured with some cinnamon, cardemon and saffron, and with onion salad (chopped onion, tomato, chillies, green coriander, some sweetened vinegar). OK, throw in a poppadum or two as well.

    Jeebus, I’m hungry.


  11. Hey, have you tried the Teflon sphincter… it’s a simple screw in device that’s easy to use and great after beer and curry nights! Ghost Rider has a retarded brother?… Cool!


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