Mental karaoke

If I can't keep them out of my office, at least I can keep them out of my head


41 thoughts on “Mental karaoke

  1. don’t worry you not going to go blind, a lil self love away from the pc, might be juuuust what you need 😉

    I have finally *linked* you


    • the spear: I keep thinking, “I should have done this years ago” (although I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before we get an internal memo outlawing the use of MP3 players at work).


  2. i wore my iPod at work for the better part of a year. it made the workplace seem like a poorly choreographed imbecile ballet. had to give it up because i started dancing along…


    • daisy: *snort* “poorly choreographed imbecile ballet” is my new favourite expression. I shall henceforth refer to the office as “the ballet”.


  3. Who needs an ipod when the voices do it anyway? You’ve been secretly slaughtering rhinoceroses in a makeshift abbatoir- I can see a faint trail of rhino-horn dust leading to your mouse.


  4. It would appear that our Kyk will be taking a short break to recover after viewing Dolce’s site…goes well with this post–poor thing


  5. i can’t even be as judgemental as i want to be over your song of choice. i went to a karaoke “revenge of the nerds” party and willingly did a Britney Spears impersonation of “i love rock and roll”. shooters are not always your friend. changing the lyrics (i thought ravver cleverly at the time) into a mixture of afrikaans and bad one-liners did not make it any better. urgh. on the up side, the guy with the calculator in his pocket (yeah right) wanted to discuss Einsten’s paper on “A Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light”. So, keep up the good work Mr Rhinoceros – chicks (and nerds) apparently dig it (lank bru).


    • anicker: I was also listening to The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár, but “Ja, wir sind es, die Grisetten” would probably have been even more confusing.


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