Hard work pays off tomorrow*

It's a real drag having to wear pants again
* … but idleness pays off immediately.


41 thoughts on “Hard work pays off tomorrow*

  1. Yeah, yeah….rest up bucko! In less than three weeks, there is another deadly sin on the agenda. And you’re gonna need every drop of strength you have.


  2. i read somewhere that sleeping makes you stronger, smarter, helps you lose weight, regenerates regenerating-needing organs, prevents old age, saves the rain forest, destroys WMDs and eliminates bad odours…


  3. See now I did not just lie around on the couch doing nothing. Some of the time I slept on my bed (for a change of scenery ya know). Oh and I ate 4 hot cross buns (not all at once – that would have been gluttony and I try to limit my deadly sins to one per weekend – next weekend I’m planning on getting slammed – which may lead to some lying around on the couch again but that would be for recovery purposes not just sloth)


  4. I wish I could do that..

    ..but my mechanics are faulty that way.

    Perhaps you could give us all pointers on how you have managed to perfect this artform?

    I know I would appreciate it !! 😉


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