Questionable taste in men

Exciting prizes to be won if you can find these on my Flickr stream
This slight departure from the norm is in honour of the fact that Dolce and I have been together for a year. Perhaps it would be more precise to say “an item” rather than “together”, since we’re actually in different hemispheres at the moment+, but I think you get the gist of it.

So what’s it like dating a demon? To paraphrase Lou Reed – she makes me forget myself. Extrapolating Perfect Day to twelve months should give you an inkling of what I’m on about. Still confused? Okay, to put it another way – it’s fuckin’ awesome, man!

Happy anniversary, schveetie.

+ Any suggestions that this may be a contributing factor to our continued itemhood will be met with dire retribution. You have been warned!

47 thoughts on “Questionable taste in men

  1. have to tell you that sometimes it’s nice to be seperate for a bit…I realized how much I missed the other half when he was gone for 2 wks….yeah I know–no comparison to you and Dolce’s time frame but still….very awesome that you posted flowers
    ah hemmmmmm—still searching flickr….I best get a prize just for effort….=)


      • hisqueen1: Excellent. You win a thousand Cayennetology points*

        * Points may be redeemed** at a rate of one hundred points per dollar***
        ** Only redeemable in person
        *** Zimbabwe dollars


        • –put your hard earned “points” towards planning Dolce’s wonderful return…
          It’s alot closer than I thought—Wonderful!!!


  2. I’m in my 8th week of separation, and it is both wonderful and terrible. Well done on your longevity- she ever coming back? And can I hire you to do a lovely post for my anniversary? (Just nothing to do with penguins).


    • scott: I hope she’s coming back. If not, then I’ll have to auction off the anniversary gift I got for her. I’d be happy to do a lovely post for your anniversary. Reasonable rates. Blinkies are extra, though.


  3. Congratulations to both of you! It’s no less than either of you deserve. Kyk I know you are a honey and Bete tells me that Dolce is a fantastic lady so together you must make a dynamite pair. Although I have also heard that the expression “get a room dammit” applies to the two of you very often.


  4. Gawd, I have some back-reading to do here. I’m gobsmacked. An entire post without cynicism, plus flowers, to boot! Is this still Kyknoord’s place?
    congratulations, anyway 😉


  5. happy ‘versary! and yes, it’s ONLY about 17 days until you will be within “get a room range” again! doctor daisyfae ORDERS you to start ‘savin’ it up’. and i DO think you know what i mean…


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  7. A song for the both of youz … Rush

    To be the first in someone’s life
    To set the sun and raise the moon
    In someone else’s eyes
    To see heaven just for a day
    To hold a moment in your arms
    And never let it slip away
    To leap off a mountaintop

    And feel the rush of love
    To taste that holy kiss
    I could never get enough of this
    This rush

    To touch the earth before you fall
    To know that here and now with you
    Remains forever after all
    To hear the beauty in dissonance
    To finally know that all our questions
    Take perfect sense
    To touch the surface and breathe the air

    To be the first in someone’s life
    To set the sun in someone’s eyes
    To hold forever for a day
    And never let it slip away

    To be the first in someone’s life
    To set the sun and raise the moon
    In someone else’s eyes

    Maybeez you could sing it to your Schveetie!

    Pssst Luv luv luv that blinkie with the hearts!!! ; *


  8. *sigh*

    This is so sweet… wait a minute, I just need to check the website I’m on… Dolce, what did you do to Kyk? Never mind, don’t answer that.




  9. Congratulations, you two love (bird/demon/blogger)s. Why, reading about you two whipper snappers makes me feel young again. *sentimentally rattles her wheelchair arms*


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