Me too, dude.  Me too
For the benefit of those who may be unfamiliar with Safrican politics, our Mr Zuma believes the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.

That’s pretty harsh on poor ol’ Jebus, wouldn’t you say?

Incidentally, I’m an Anarchist, but the boss doesn’t need to know that. Yet.


22 thoughts on “Demockracy

  1. Vote for the old Nats! Since they lost power, that dairy belle chocolate yoghurt that I used to love has vanished forever. And it was incredibly popular, so I don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to make the link…


  2. So– how does he feel about Global Warming, the Economic Crisis, drug abuse, genocide…you know the usual stuff..
    He does know that the end is near, right?(according to some crazys).. what if we are wiped out by a natural disaster first, will he still rule in the afterlife until Jesus officially comes.

    Where do we find the crazy’s to run our countries?


  3. Ack! I hadn’t even heard of that loony toony until I read Dolce’s blog. Now I hear it on NPR constantly. As if I weren’t nervous enough at baseline. . . Good luck!


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