Creative writing

I love these assignments. The only way I could make less of a contribution to society would be to go into politics


27 thoughts on “Creative writing

  1. Love it…are you sure you’re not into any type of politics….they always have a cost without knowing the real issue. I want a job like that where I give a price then find out the problem.(or just a gets boring w/out one) always go higher than needed..


  2. Client=money
    Their fault for calling you. Why does this sound like an allegory for marriage? Whole conversations going on in my head, but nothing gets said. Marriage=cost+money+confusion=compromise, the bittersweet theme of relationships.


    • nursemyra: We already have the job. It works like this:

      1. Client asks my boss for cost estimate.
      2. Client hints at what an acceptable figure would be.
      3. Boss tells me produce cost estimate based on fairy dust and rainbows.
      4. I submit estimate to boss for approval.
      5. Boss instructs me to revise cost estimate.
      6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until figure resembles hinted-at budget from step 2.
      7. Boss submits estimate. Client happy.

      Then, about 18 months later, the client will provide us with the actual scope of work. I revise my cost estimate accordingly. Inevitably, the revised cost is an order of magnitude higher than the original figure and the boss craps on me for producing a bad cost estimate.


      • Egad! So, do you then have to go and argue with the pipe sellers to lower their prices?

        I’d much rather argue over whether a semi-colon is better than a dash at that particular juncture of the fluid mechanics.


  3. Dude, for the first time in my career I’m working on a project where we actually know enough of the scope to properly estimate it. But that’s only because of the “downturn” and the fact that the money has been shut off, but they don’t want to fire us. Yet.

    Prior to this, I would have said in response, “Is there any other way?”

    BTW: I read over the above comments and came away amused at the takes the apparently uninitiated have on your strips.


  4. Obviously this requires a combination of creative writing with creative accounting and a modicum of clairvoyance combined with a healthy slug of the vodka you keep in your drawer…oh no wait that’s my solution … not yours.


  5. I forgot to tell you about the “blog commenting charge”. You’re in debt up to your ears, Mister. Unless your unknown charge is more than mine. Urp! You tell me yours first.


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