Well, it looks upside down to ME

A reading from the Book of Cayennetology:

…And the mother of Kyknoord’s child did look upon him with disdain. His contentment was as thorn in her buttock and her stomach was twisted with loathing. She swore unto the Void, “I will strike down this abomination and make him writhe” and it was so. Darkness moved upon the face of Kyknoord and he ground his teeth in frustration…

To echo Olivia’s lament in 12th Night – Will it ever be thus?

My ex and I got divorced more than two and half years ago and yet she still manages to find ways to push my buttons. Man! I can’t seem to find the balance in my interaction with her: I’m either too much of a bastard or not enough of one. Kids, don’t try this at home.

In other, happier news: the reunion with Dolce was superbly pornographic. That is all.


30 thoughts on “Curses

  1. …and ppeople wonder how come you two crazy kids ever got divorced.

    have you considered “accidentally” taping your pornovita encounters and “accidentally” emailing it to her?



  2. only 2 1/2 yrs….hahahahahahah….you’re a baby at this. As long as there are children involved, you’re in for a long haul. I have been divorced for over 8 years and he can still piss me off like it was yesterday. He is needy, stupid, self-centered, purposefully jobless and just plain *&*&%#@@!@##$. (and those are the nice things). I pay child support and he still always needs something else. I can hardly wait until my youngest is 18. then I will have no reason for any type of contact with him. On the good side…the longer you’re apart the easier it is to just say “NO” and hang up the phone..then it’s up to me/you to decided if they ruined our day or not.
    The good side is that Dolce’s back as your on-scene support. Love my hubby for that…(sorry it’s so long)


  3. [nods head with understanding and sympathy] …and i am only starting on the divorce adventure myself… i was advised to just be a big prick with the soon-to-be-ex-, but still find it hard to do so, despite her giving me every reason to be.

    i will, nonetheless, cling to the hope of the raucous sounds of lustful reunion wafting their way from the far, far southeast of me and hope that some such lie in my future as well.


      • Gentlemen: the whole “just say NO” theme applies post divorce/near divorce…Say No to start and sort it out later w/ your personal support team.. Then you have the power to give what you want w/ no regrets.
        admittedly easier said than done but a must to maintain your own sanity.


  4. Can’t you smite her back? If you want, I could smite her. I’m a really good smiter. Just say the word.


    • STA man: Except when you’re being sick off the side of a boat and a vagrant gust of wind reunites you with the former contents of your stomach. Other than that, definitely yes.


  5. My folks have been splitsville for [a long time] years. And they still snipe at each other. Nothing like snipage to bring out the 5 year old in grown ups. Nothing like hiring a sniper to shut them the fek up.

    On the upside, *grin*


  6. I’m sorry dude 😦

    I don’t see my longterm ex ever and HE still manages to push my buttons, so you’re really in the hotseat innit.
    Thanks heavens for Dolce 🙂


  7. So… she still makes you hit the roof? Have you considered shooting lessons to improve your aim?

    PS: thegnukid… you said big prick, hard, cling, raucous sounds, lustful reunion and lie in one sentence. wowee. now THAT’S hot. (i need a little lie down now)


  8. Now that was a rollercoaster ride of an entry.

    Exes are a lot like evil colleagues – they know which buttons to push and I suspect they get off on the resulting reactions.


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