I don’t remember exactly why I started blogging, but I imagine at the time I thought it would be a learning experience or something similarly high-minded.

I suppose in a way it has been, because I did learn at least one thing – i.e. that the surest way to draw the lurkers out of hiding is to write about bowel movements. In the more traditional forms of media, sex may sell, but when it comes to blogging, scatological ponderings attract responses like coiled nutty things draw disease-carrying insects. Hmm… the expression might need a bit of work. Something punchier, like, “If it’s brown, write it down” – actually, that’s not too bad.

At face value, this may seem odd, but peculiarity, like beauty, is very much in the mind of the beholder. If one can judge a society by the gods it worships, then it would appear that we (and by “we”, I mean e-society) worship the Almighty Turd. In hindsight, this should be pretty obvious: there’s a terrifying amount of shit online.

This blog has existed in one form or another since the beginning of 2005, which makes it a veritable Methuselah among its peers. In that time, I have witnessed the emergence and subsequent demise of many blogs. It is therefore with a certain wistful sadness that I recall the passing of the following – they gave me considerable pleasure while they lasted:

Take care all. It’s been real :mrgreen:

100 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. thank you! it’s been wonderful, you’ve been a blog-daddy to me (ewww…. guess that makes some of those fantasies a little creepy).

    i look forward to someday signing off on my own!

    stay in touch!



  2. Kyk, I am really going to miss you! You have the best humour blog I have come across (I am still wiping down my monitor)! I am getting a bit weepy now and am feeling embarrassed! Bonus Fortuna!


  3. Cooool, the Number one spot will segue to meeeeeee.
    Sheesh, Kyk.
    I’ll miss you, but I get it- these things are like the expiry datesd on medicine bottles, you can only exceed them for do long before you get tiny twinges in your groin and irregular facial hair.
    If you get reinvented, let us know?
    Thanks for the hernia-inducing laughs.
    *small manly tear*


  4. All good things come to an end then. And what a sad farewell! It’s been great getting to “know” you and your blog helped me through some tough times (read “divorce”) too.

    I wish you all the best for the future and hope to at least hear how things are going through Dolce’s blog.

    Good luck!


  5. Aw…Best of luck, Kyknoord! I’ve enjoyed your wit, your blog, your shit references, and your bloggy self. I’ll miss you! If it weren’t for you, I’d have never heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And that would be, uh, a shame?

    I wish you and Dolce all the happiness in the world.


  6. Aww. Well… go in peace but know that that’s just wrong. Wrong!
    Do keep in touch, one way or the other, a’ight?


  7. It’s classy of you to bow out like this. Some people build up a loyal following, then leave them all wondering whether the auther got hit by a bus.

    Whatever happened to The Leaky Brain, for example? Loads of readers, great stuff, good comments, and then… nada.


  8. Jeez dude, yours is only a handful of blogs that I still follow.
    What am I going do now?!
    But More importantly. What are you going to do now?


  9. Kyk! No! I return to SA and check out your blog and I see you’re not blogging anymore 😦

    Sarah Britten


    • sarah: Life is weird, isn’t it? Still, if you’re shopping around for entertaining reading, you need look no further than the ANC Youth League’s website.


  10. huh? i don’t understand? its not april? you’re not dying? you’re not dead? your honey blogs up a storm…why are you doing this? you can’t just, like, leave and give no reason? or is this one of those ‘let me pretend i’m dead to see how many people care’…look, basically, this isn’t working for me kyk, and i think i can safely say that it’s not working for a lot of people…what is it?? have you run out of ideas for funnies? tired of shitty internet connection? ex-wife using your blog against you? this isn’t right…


  11. Sigh..weep…gnashing of teeth sounds…wailing…self-absorbed sadness….whimpering noises from behind my monitor…all the office watching me scrabble in handbag for tissue…Kyk oh no I am missing you already! Sheesh it’s just not fair. This is turning into a shitty day. I’d blog about it but I can’t be bothered – I’m too depressed.


  12. I just found you and now you leave…I enjoyed it while I could..You are one of the few I found worth reading. Relax, enjoy life and throw us a bone once in a while when you post with Dolce.
    Good luck!!


  13. kyk,

    Sorry to see you pack it in. I’ve truly enjoyed your perspective on, well, many things in the short time I’ve been reading you.

    Take care and best of everything in the coming days, weeks, months, years….

    PS: about the turd thing? Mi espousa has written a piece or two about “women peeing in the woods”. It is, frankly, a source of major “huh?” to see the search stats on that on too. Probably second to matters of an excremental nature.

    Au revoir!


  14. Awww…

    You have been a constant source of entertainment for all of the years that I have visited your blog. I visit here every day and have always looked forward to your insight, humor and yes even the sarcasm. I will miss you very much and I wish only the best for you. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to the blogsphere and to my life.

    Cheryl (Anduin)


  15. You will be missed….

    …but you knew that already.

    Thanks for all the shits and giggles!
    Stay good bad and don’t forget to pop in and say howzit from time to time πŸ˜‰



  16. Will definitely miss your blog – now I’m just stuck with xkcd alone for my geeky entertainment 😦


  17. Oh man. Ms Parenthesis alerted me right now. I am utterly devestated and find myself thinking I didn’t comment enough while I had the chance, I wasn’t a loyal enough reader like most of the fans who click on your page daily…

    Such self blame, remorse and regret.

    At any rate, the SA Blogosphere will never be the same. Good luck to you, lendary Mr. Noord.



  18. *Sigh* ‘Tis indeed the end of an era! I absolutely adored your ‘toons and scribblings and can’t help but selfishly hope that I’ll see it again some time, somewhere. But even if not: thanks very much for all the laughs!


  19. My blogging heart is breaking.

    Thank you, for the privilege of getting to know you through your blog and having met you in real life. A privilege it was!

    I’m going to miss you.


  20. Oh dammit.

    I enjoyed the days that started way back in Mweb blogging with Chitty.

    And now you’re both gone.

    If you only knew someone in cyberspace and they stopped blogging, did they really exist?

    The questions.


  21. Sjoe, another one of the old gang biting the dust. A dude’s gotta do what a dude’s gotta do though, so good luck and hope we’ll still see you around town!


  22. Oh Eeyore, are you finally succumbing to the charms of the ‘real’ world instead of Blogland? {sniff} Well ok so thanks for letting us know anyway (and b.t.w. what did happen to Chitty? Was it the bus thing?) I don’t get to blog much these days but when I do, reading yours always makes me laugh (or at least grunt in amusement). You will be missed. xx


  23. Kyk, my heart is broken. But I know all too well how (unbelievably) good this must come to a bitter end. May the codes and witicisms of The (ex) Granny Wrangler and TOSOTM dance hand in hand in the twilight of our addled memories. *MWAH*


  24. Sigh – I keep coming back to see if you were joking…so far it would appear that for once you are not being funny. Where is my cookie? And I would prefer a red velvet cupcake with really ornate icing thanks. Sob


  25. Great.

    Thanks dumbass.

    I decide to make my grand comeback, and when I come back to tell you, you’ve upped sticks.

    Now who the hell am I going to whine about the trolls with?



  26. Times change and people tend to move on – whether it is to greener pastures or not, we will never know. All we can do is keep on moving and live life. You’re weekly words will be missed, and there’s some posts I will always remember…

    As for chitty – i suspect that he needed to break ties with his alter ego and get back to the real world where things are only as complicated as you allow them to be.

    Peace out!


  27. The Twin asked me to talk some sense in you. Alles sal reg kom! Vasbyt! Anyway she used to direct me to your comics and they’re good…..

    Update us when you make Dolce rue….. that would be polite.


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