Please close the door from the other side

It burns
Imagine for a moment that you are in an open-top convertible, speeding along a steep mountain pass. It’s the most fun EVAH until you discover that your brakes have failed and you’re hurtling towards a sharp bend in the road. Once you have finished soiling yourself, it’s decision time: Do you continue on towards an unknown future (even though a sticky reenactment of the end of Thelma & Louise seems pretty certain), or do you slam into the side of the mountain, knowing you will probably survive, even though your beloved vehicle won’t?

I swerved.

When I eventually became conscious of my surroundings again, everything hurt and the car was wrecked. Still, I live to drive another day, although I think maybe I’ll just walk for now.


33 thoughts on “Please close the door from the other side

  1. I’m just happy you survived the crash! And I hope you’re not too worse for wear.

    Never forget the journey and always remember that cars can always be replaced.


  2. I just did mental back-flips in my head when I saw you come up in my reader.

    I’m sorry about the not-car. I’m glad about the survival though. I really hope to read more from you soon.


  3. In order to not seem like a total moron, I’m going to go along with this metaphor and pretend I know what’s going on. Here goes:

    So sorry about the car! I hope you aren’t in a hospital bed writing this by blinking your eyelids. May you get a nice new car real soon.

    PS. I missed you. *blush*


  4. Welcome BACK!!!!!!

    As for the rest, I’m so sorry. I myself have been walki… limping since October 2005. I’m sure good things will be afoot for you again very soon.


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