Diligence is its own reward

I haven't had the best of weeks
In other news, I visited my parents over the weekend so I could photograph their pet spider (no, really!). En route, took a detour via the local optometrist to get the hinge on my sunglasses fixed.

The lady behind the counter not only provided me with a shiny new fastener free and gratis, but she also kindly offered to polish my lenses for me at no extra charge.

It isn’t every day you get a free screw and clean-up afterwards.


20 thoughts on “Diligence is its own reward

  1. OMG…my heart did little flip flops when I saw you had shown up on Daisyfae’s site. Holy Cow…Glad you’re up and about after the car accident. She cleaned the glasses to better see the spider with.
    The spider is both beautiful and icky at the same time. Love her little leg warmers and bright spring yellow color.
    your back, your back (just a swallow, but still)


  2. I quote:

    “I hardly knew ye. At least you didn’t just disappear without comment. You’ll be back. You’ll see. They all come back. (Unless they don’t.)”
    Comment by The Unbearable Banishment — 13 May 2009


    UB40: “Hmmm… that sounds like a challenge. Care to lay odds on who’ll blink first?”

    ah HA! I was right! I will put aside my gloating and welcome you back into the fold. Here to stay this time? No matter. I’ll take what I can get.


  3. so is “polishing your lenses” a euphemism as well? this post is just loaded with them… makes my head spin (which is NOT a euphemism… oh, damn, i can’t stop!)


  4. Ay, there’s the rub indeed, eh?
    But you know what free screws and polishes *really* mean, don’t you? That’s right: no more pithy remarks!


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