There is no spoon

Then again, that could just be a coincidence.  It's been while, if you know what I mean
Ok, I am officially over this fucking insomnia now. It’s not like I murdered Duncan or anything. It was all very entertaining when my nocturnal ruminations were vaguely surreal and only marginally psychotic, but the stuff that marches across my internal cyclorama after midnight is getting downright disturbing. I suppose filling the idle hours with Mass Effect 2 on the “Insane” setting hasn’t really helped.

On a more positive note, however, I have recently discovered that the waking nightmare I affectionately call “my job” is nothing (nothing, I tell you!) compared to some of the things other people willingly do for a living. I used to think I was so hardcore, but I am marshmallow, hear me roar! Hey, that rhymes! It doesn’t quite work as a heroic couplet, but let’s not forget that Shakespeare was abominably shite at comics.


16 thoughts on “There is no spoon

  1. marshmallows always roar as they’re melting in the fire. Their voices are just so high pitched we can’t hear them. But they scream… they always scream…..


  2. Just wait till you’re premenopausal. I’ll show you insomnia, Dood.
    That’s why the Flying Spaghetti Monster made audiobooks for ipods.


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