Error in the system

A day will come when I will learn to shut up.  Goals are good
You know how some people pause before they speak?

Apparently, they do this thing called “thinking”. Yeah weird, I know. Well anyway, I want to be able to do that.


24 thoughts on “Error in the system

  1. Far too many errors in my brain to mouth function. Those moments of pause? Rather like the editing process. Wish I could do that.
    Delete would be good, too.

    (thanks for the visit…and I like your occupation as noted on your profile…)


  2. Me too! I’d also be able to learn this “thinking” technique. I don’t know if it has to do with the weather we’ve been having lately, but I continually experience an annoying disconnect between my mouth and brain. For someone who isn’t flexible enough to even get out of bed, I sure do manage to put my foot in my mouth quite often.


  3. I’m terrible at this – especially if someone tells me a secret. I’m so nervous about keeping the secret that I blurt out clues constantly. If I were in the CIA I’d be a dead woman.


  4. You can either blurt stuff out and create a furore, or you can think and think and never say a word – but waste a perfectly good source of entertainment in the process. So really…


  5. Life is like an asteroid and
    I’m still looking for my ‘Hyperspace’ key.
    Although, ‘delete’ would be really nice for
    some of the shitstains I can’t stand.



  6. Meeehhhh!!!..I paused..I came back..still you can delete if you choose.
    he says what he wants and can piss me off..rarely apologizes..I still love him for speaking his mind as it was thinking and feeling in that moment.(sometimes hurtful but I dish out more than I receive) I know I always get honest answers in a tactful way, most of the regrets, no apology for answering my questions.


  7. Re: Daisy – I like being around filterless people but all too often I AM the filterless one. I’ve actually lost jobs because of it!

    I need a tape rewind for some portions of my past. A do-over. Is there a wayback machine I can step into?


  8. Would that I could pause to think – generally I just pause to gasp for breath before I open my mouth and say more stupid stuff I regret when I think about it in those hours when I can’t sleep at night.Gimme a delete button. I wish I could delete whole portions of my life – especially most of my jobs and definitely my career choice, some relatives, almost all colleagues, most politicians….what power – whole countries, city council employees, the electricity meter reader….I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a delete button – I’d be a mass-murdering megalomaniac


  9. It has taken many years and some harrowing experiences to learn to engage brain before opening mouth, but I have acquired that elusive skill. Kind of.


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