Does anyone else hear a buzzing noise?

1. That my life was more like XKCD and less like Dilbert.


20 thoughts on “Does anyone else hear a buzzing noise?

  1. We were audited recently. My theory is if they don’t find anything wrong in the first 3 hours you need to give them a little something they can pounce upon and demand you fix. Eat a little humble pie, admit the error of your ways and then they’ll pack up and go home happy. That way you’ll still get to the pub on time and you’re safe for another year…..


  2. I consider selective memory to be a gift – one I use frequently.
    Good luck with that wish list – some of us are resigned to a Dilbert sort of life. 😉

    (loved and laughed at your wild animal/clog comment!)


  3. Re: yesterday’s post. For real? I need to put in a password? What password? I’m paranoid about my password(s). Not familiar with this process – what the hell am I missing?


  4. I used to pray that I would be off on the hospitals audit day when the upper echelon from JACHO would be coming by. Never worked out for me..I actually had my schedule changed so I had to be there. I was just a damn secretary but we always got asked the questions since we had to be at our desks while the nurses hid in patients rooms. One time they made me go from the normal floor I worked on (after they had visited), to the ICU unit (sneaking between the floors) to answer questions there..sneaky little bastards, those CEOs and Upper Management..( no offense Daisyfae)


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