The recipe for success

Next up - the Parlotones with their new cover of Grease
Call me old-fashioned, but there is something deeply, deeply wrong about a rock band sponsored by KFC.

This one is for Betenoir who KILLED A MAN+ to make it happen.

+ Not strictly true


43 thoughts on “The recipe for success

  1. Call me a snob, but I don’t even like the thought of eating KFC – and not just because of the taste. The Colonel’s smiling face looks so wrong here in Canada…

    (great post title)


  2. Hey Kyknoord, I have a favour to ask. I can’t see your cartoons from my mobile phone (I use internet cafes to post photos etc but do most of my browsing/commenting from my phone). WordPress defaults to a ‘lite’ mobile version but I can’t turn it off. Would you be so kind as to turn it off from your end, please? Dashboard>appearance>extras


  3. You know, there’s a quote-singer-unquote who kissed a girl to make it happen, so let me congratulate Betenoir on not stooping to sexual favours. Well, maybe on not -half-assedly- stooping *only* to sexual favours?


  4. I fucking hate the Parlotones. It’s all like “oh, look at me! look at me! i’m so avant-garde! i wear _make-up_! Also, the music’s just really kak.

    (Good to have you back, btw)


  5. I killed a man in Reno because he tried TO MAKE ME LISTEN TO THE PARLOKAKS! Also: have you seen the Woolworths wine “inspired by the music of the Parlotones”? SO IT TASTES BLAND AND KAK THEN?


  6. ohhhhh…money, money,’s the most appealing thing about my husband (ok..maybe the second thing)..other than his handsomeness, sexiness, wonderful kindness, extreme generosity and over all wonderfulness…money money if he just came with an all access pass to DIGIORNO pizza I would be in Heaven on Earth.


      • seeing as we both have ex’s ourselves..i do understand your response..but in my own defense..He is the world to me and I married him (6yrs now) when he was getting ready to lose his job (with no savings after his divorce and fight for his son) and didn’t have another lined up yet. Plus, I just finally (this year) got my very first brand new car (ever) since my other one was 10yrs old with over 145,000 miles on it. I’ve argued with him for 2 yrs saying I didn’t need a new one and my old one was still fine..why have the extra expense. Didn’t get my BMW but did get a cute Toyota Rav4…sorry it’s such a long a defense.


  7. The who? Never heard of them. Not THE WHO (they are a horse of a different stripe) Actually, I surf the channels during ad breaks. Ok I will tell the truth – I have heard of them and heard enough of them to know they give me a strange pain in my jaw after 10 seconds. I think it’s from clenching my teeth and trying not to scream. I don’t eat KFC because I find it greasy and nauseating and strange tasting(hmmm maybe there is some value to their choice of sponsor). I find that most bands that wear makeup at this juncture in the 21st century are just trying far too hard to be “cool” and are usually trying to find a gimmick to make up for their lack of musical artistry. QED


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  9. A rock band sponsored by KFC?
    It could be worse.
    No, wait a minute, it couldn’t be worse.
    I imagine a band all dressed up like the Colonel
    and it creeps me out.
    Pass me the coleslaw . . .


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