Drawing attention

Sloppy, sloppy work
What class! When the time comes for me to tender my resignation, I intend going the illustration route, too.


45 thoughts on “Drawing attention

  1. Ah, I long for the day when I can do something like that! My only fear is that it may never arrive. Since I don’t buy lottery tickets…

    For the time being, my disgruntlement will have to continue manifesting itself in caustic commentary.


  2. Hahahaha! I found my younger son’s assignment book that had no assignments, but penises and swastikas all over it. The swastikas worried me, but he assured me they were drawn by his friend Thomas. He took responsibility for the penises.


  3. Sadly, if I did this at work, they’d pat me on the head and say “Oh bless, Dolce’s trying to be ‘edgy’ again”. *sigh* Once day I’ll get them.


  4. How do you draw a penis on an sms. When I win the Lottery I’m just going to resign by sending an sms. I think I will abbreviate it thus: Bi imouttahere fof uaholes.


  5. you’ve made me blush..I embarrass very easily and still tend to blush after all these years of being married. but I can swear like a sailor.
    perhaps I will recommend this means of resignation to the hubby who is trying to get out of his contract.


  6. baahahahaha!!!

    I totally thought I was reading comments from the saffa band post…& couldn’t figure out what all the penis talk was about. Now I’m going to have to go read those.

    snicker….i said ‘penis talk’. heh heh….


  7. Ooh. Penises! It’s been so long since I’ve seen one. At first I thought bananas. Or water guns. Or giraffes. But you’ve jogged my memory, and I thank you for that. I think.


    • Well, they are “water” guns, after a fashion. By the way, if you’re hinting for more pictures of me in the nude, you can forget it! I feel dirty enough about the batch I already sent you.


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