Eating people is wrong

Also, my arachnology skills tend to take a back seat when I'm busy screaming like a schoolgirl


62 thoughts on “Eating people is wrong

  1. If eating people is wrong … I don’t want to be right.

    Wait, is that creepy? Stop judging me. You’re the MURDERER. Of people-eaters. Two wrongs don’t make a right, yo.


  2. My son was bitten on the forehead by a white tail spider a couple of years ago – he looked like he was mutating into a unicorn for about a week afterwards….. nasty venomous things


  3. you and my hubby are both little girly men when it comes to spiders. I couldn’t scream like a girl if I wanted to because who would kill the spider for me? I used to scream “kill it, kill it” as I chased it down to squish it but realized that made the hubby run away faster. Now he’s trained to get the necessary equipment while I keep an eye on the little bugger.
    Poor you and Bouncy..bit in the same week.


  4. Well if you consider that the spider only bit you, whilst you killed it in revenge, the score ends up: Spider Nil, Kyk One. Poor spidey! Glad you mentioned the althaiophobia – I was going to make you hot chocolate with marshmallows on top to comfort you and make you forget the pain. Sigh….back to the drawing board.


  5. it could have been worse – it could have been a bite from a Rock Spider (2-legged kind that hangs out at Bellville Civic Centre) – i hear they have evolved and are now hanging around on the Web.

    On the “Eating People is Wrong”:

    Q; What is the difference between a ginger minge and a cricket ball?

    A: If you try really hard – like REALLY hard, you can probably eat a cricket ball.


  6. You squished the spider? Oh no dude! There can be really cute. Some are even furry. If you squint really hard at a tarantula you might even see a tabby-cat in it’s cold, green blooded, festering heart.



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