Bad kitty! No more catnip for you

It's a - wait for it - catsuit
Today’s comic is dedicated to Jessica of Alone… with cats. Jess became my de facto muse this week with her inspirational post about broken art and broken hearts. What are you still doing here? Clicky, clicky!

Incidentally, cats can’t talk. Definitely not. I have Teva and Isabel’s solemn word on that.


31 thoughts on “Bad kitty! No more catnip for you

  1. sadly, i don’t have a stalker ex-girlfriend. i do have to spend some time avoiding the foot fetishist at the office who has taken a shine to my tootsies, however…


  2. Wow. Just wow.

    You captured us all *so* well. It’s as if you’re here in the apartment with us right now. Oh my god. Was that you hiding in the shrubs? Are you in my apartment? Is this blog post coming from inside the house?


  3. Love your artwork on Jessica’s blog!
    Cats do indeed talk – you just have to be able to translate. They tend to hiss at me which I translate as, “We sense your fear.” (Have no idea where this fear originated.)


  4. “What’s new pussycat? Woe, woe, woe woe!”
    Was stalked by a ‘rabbit-boiler’ lesbian for six months. I had a boyfriend but she was convinced she could convert me.


  5. Hey this mum’s medication sounds a lot more exciting than anything I have ever taken of my mums…but its not hard to beat passing out after taking a few Sudafeds for a *good time*…!


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