Dead wood walking



39 thoughts on “Dead wood walking

    • That would never fly in this place. They want their pound of flesh and would never dream of letting anyone go before they’ve finished working their notice period.


  1. Wait one darn minute. They can’t sever you! The Flying Spaghetti monster will tear them to pieces.

    Come to Philadelphia. The US wants you. We’re not insane and twisted enough. We want a little Kick. (Kyk?)


    • Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is inherently peaceful. His Noodly Magnificence would never condone serious violence. Wedgies, on the other hand, are another story.


  2. Ah, the elusive severance package. No matter how many times I’ve asked, it’s always, “Not for you.” I can’t win the lottery either.

    To quote that cheeseball band Semi-Sonic, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Always look on the bright side dude.


  3. Eish. Bastards! I’ll bet the directors get bonuses this year anyway.
    My boss is a real bitch but she wouldn’t dare retrench me.
    It helps that I work for myself.


  4. Shoes dropping, swords hovering, skies falling – it’s all about gravity and the loss of…
    Oh, yeah, and compassion is suspended, too.


  5. Ag, no… this is awful news! Giving me a serious case of Déjà vu too! My retrenchment-and-retraction happened on a Wednesday. (Yeah, it was so traumatic, I’ll never forget it.) In those few horrible hours before the retraction I reached the conclusion that it sucks – no matter what day of the week it happens on! (And last week I even had a nightmare that it happened AGAIN! Which is why I’ve been working almost non-stop ever since.) I’ll be holding thumbs for you!!


    • Keep it up employee #377215. Slavish devotion is the very least we expect. We may even pay you on time this month if you put in a few extra hours.


  6. sorry I’ve been lurking but I’ve got nothing for words of wisdom, smart-ass remarks or general disparagement..too much stress in my own life right now looking for a new job for hubby since he decided to quit his old least we can give a 4-6 month notice.
    I will cross the fingers and hope for the best for you..what ever that may end up being.


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