Om nom nom

I offered him a sticky carrot, but that just confused him
I didn’t take it, so stop looking at me like that.

The office fridge really is a monument to Pestilence. I think it was last cleaned during the Reagan administration and should probably be classified as a level 4 biohazard. I certainly wouldn’t want to touch anything that’s been in it – let alone put such an item in my mouth (yeah, yeah, that’s what she said).

It’s possible that one of the more advanced ambulatory moulds ate it, but given the recent events in the office, it’s also likely that this was a small, but nevertheless deliberate, act of terrorism.


35 thoughts on “Om nom nom

  1. When my husband was a resident, he was hungry and went into another resident’s lunch bag, saw a rice cake sandwich with peanut butter, and took a bite. He didn’t like it, so he put it back in the bag. Can you believe that? It’s so awful, it makes me love him. The woman knew who did it, (because only my husband would do such a thing), and she took the rice cake sandwich and smeared it down the front of his locker.

    I just love that story.


  2. Guess you won’t be accepting an invitation to dine here anytime soon – or at least until I get around to cleaning out the fridge!


  3. On the up side, I hear mould is high in penicillin.

    Fortunately our tea-lady cleans out the refridgerator every week or else we might have a large penicillin plant.


  4. And here I was thinking that rancid taste in the boss’s mouth was that of the destitution, poverty and despair he just inflicted on all those poor folk he just kicked the curb….Again, I grant too much credit…


  5. he has been behaving like an asshole right?

    Well, it certainly confirms that you are what you eat.

    explains it all.

    (too rude?)


  6. I prefer to think that my office fridge, teeming with mold and mouse droppings nearby, is responsible for my impeccable health. I haven’t taken a sick day in more than two years. Surely I’m building up an infallible immunity. Or, all the toxicity is building up inside of me.

    Check back with me in about 30 years.


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