Those who can, do

You missed a spot there

I was hoping they’d only discover that I was irreplaceable after they’d given me the boot. Clearly the boss is more cunning than hitherto suspected. Still, I figure if I am to be made complicit in engineering my own redundancy, then I can at least have a little fun with it.

29 thoughts on “Those who can, do

  1. I like your work.

    On the subject of skills transfer, I was once a bit naughty.

    There was an annoyingly know-it-all interrupter in the English language class I taught in Poland. He knew better than his native English speaking teacher – despite getting his knowledge from a load of Russian textbooks.
    So – to reward his advanced knowledge, and to shut him up – I provided him with a list of English colloquial expressions – the sort of thing only an advanced student like he knew he was could appreciate.
    As round as a Spaniard.
    As happy as a cupboard. etc

    Kept me amused anyway.


  2. Rule No 1 when training your replacement ……..

    Take the number of years it’s taken you to learn the job and leave out the equivalent number of vital pieces of information.


  3. I used to have a boss whose idea of motivation was continually telling us that no-one was irreplacable.

    With a happy irony, when the axe did fall, someone with a sense of humour decided that middle management was too flabby and he was one whoe got the boot.

    Oh how we laugh-ed. For a whole week before they came for us too.


  4. Good plan. While you’re at it, I would miss-file critical bits of information then find it just before it’s too late – looking like an office hero!


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