I want it yesterday, gold plated and free

The first rule of project management is everything takes longer and costs more. The second rule is if it’s on time and within budget, you’ve probably forgotten something.

The worst part is dealing with clients who won’t play open cards: “I’m thinking of a number, but I won’t tell you what it is. Instead, I will waste your time by insisting on innumerable revisions until I am finally able to accept that my budget is laughably insufficient. Of course, I will hold you personally responsible for this fact. Logic? What’s that? Mwahaha! Mwahahahahahahahaha!”

Anyone need a body-slave? I still have a few good years left in me and I work cheap.

Incidentally, this is my 200th comic. Well done to the stalkers who noticed that without being prompted. If you send your details to FIFA, Sepp Blatter will give you a cookie.

42 thoughts on “I want it yesterday, gold plated and free

  1. 200th woot woot..
    now..I am always on the look out for a good slave. If you come here to Ohio, Daisy and I can use you equally for slave tasks.
    Rule #1..always do what I want within my budget, no matter the true cost..
    Rule #2..if the true cost is high..see rule #1


  2. Congrats on the comicversary… it’s DC-idedly Marvel-lous!! 😉

    Now stop fart-arsing around and get back to working on that thing I’ve not yet decided upon! 😀


  3. Happy 200th!
    And we are talking slave, right? As in no pay, no holiday, and “i work cheap” means “i really work for scraps to eat”? ‘Cause i need one, and lord knows i can’t afford it (or him or her either).


  4. I read… “Anyone need a body-shave?”…and thought perhaps you had a hair fettish.
    Well, that and exploding heads.

    Happy 200th! Long may the mayhem last!


  5. A lot of the bloggers I follow these days seem to be writing about Brazilian waxes and vajazzles. Perhaps that’s what your program is lacking. As always, I’m here to help.


  6. P.S. Happy 200! You should try to make it to 300. Because then you’ll be all zen with that homoerotic/violent/awful movie that I couldn’t bring myself to watch. BTW, I really excel at giving compliments.


  7. The first rule of project management is: you don’t talk about project management.
    The second rule of…..

    OOPS! Wrong blog. Sorry.

    Congrats on #200.


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