Subject: Fwd: Re: Urgent!

If I was any more in the loop, I'd be the Red Baron
My inbox is cluttered with enough crap as it is. I don’t need copies of emails that I have already received. No, really.

Much as I appreciate my boss wanting to keep me abreast of the latest project news, I would appreciate it even more if he would take a second or two to scan through the recipients on the original message before blithely sending it to me.

Oh, and adding “FYI” to every. single. one? Not helping.

I’ve tried being diplomatic, but that’s been about as successful as Bafana Bafana’s game plan against Uruguay.

58 thoughts on “Subject: Fwd: Re: Urgent!

  1. “I tried emailing you, but apparently your in-box is at capacity.If you get this message, please let me know.”

    Does being kept in the loop mean you’ve gone loopy?


  2. The primary purpose of email within a corporation is to provide an arse-covering. Its function as a medium for passing information is very much secondary.

    Back in 2002 when I had a


  3. Sorry.

    Back in 2002 when I last had a “proper” job I would receive about internal 350 emails per day. Any useful information was burried under a mountain of crap.

    Being in authority for the first and only time in my life I sent a memo (paper) to everyone in the organisation (550 copies – I was sooo popular) telling everyone not to sent me anything by copy nor to forward me something unless they actually expected me to do something.

    Dropped to about 10 emails per day. Bliss.


      • Ah, I was heading up one of the trading teams at the and was generally considered to be slightly unstable. I used to tear phones from their sockets throw them on the floor and jump up and down on them from time to time which helped reinforce the impression. I got through 34 phone sets in under two years. I was working for an American company at the time and they weren’t used to Englishmen being that excitable so I was tollerated.

        But it did mean that people steered around me in case I bit them or something. I was a pussycat really, but they didn’t have to know that.


  4. Just e-mail him straight back, EVERY TIME, saying,

    “Thanks, already got it, see below.”

    He’ll soon get the message. If not, I’m afraid you’re going to have to kill him.


    • The boss is big on saving paper, so if I print out everything he sends me and make sure he knows I’m doing it… Yes, I do believe that might actually work :mrgreen:


  5. I don’t know. This is much less annoying than people who “reply to all”!! Drives me INSANE! Especially when they are yakking on about something that is unrelated to you.


  6. I get that all the time. I’m a manager, but I don’t manage people, I manage money… despite this, my esteemed colleagues feel that they must keep me in the loop, and continuously clog up my inbox with damn attachments!

    My attitude now is “it was obviously very important to you, therefore you must have saved it, so I’ll delete mine” πŸ˜€


  7. Oh, and don’t you just hate people who forward EVERYTHING, including all the confidentiality clauses and other such bumpf, which makes the email *that* much longer if you do have to print it out?!?


  8. I have actually used a “mail-bomb” tactic on past – PC-technology-challenged – bosses. Send them enough e-mail to keep ’em busy and it sure keeps them out of my face.

    I have received those “cc” messages after having been on the original “to” list. I simply consider the source. Of course, there’s always the delete key…


  9. That ranks right up there with chain mail type forwards.

    But you have to love it that we still use the abbreviation for carbon copy. Sadly, I’m old enough to have used typewriters and carbon copies.


  10. Well, I typed a truly interesting comment, and when i hit ‘post comment’ my connection had slipped and the whole thing was lost. oh well. what i was going to say was how i miss the phone. people that use the phone a lot get much more done i think. and that my greatest email annoyance is when you CALL someone and make a request and instead of saying ‘yes, give me a day or two and i’ll do that…’ they say ‘could you send me an email outlining your request?’ as if their attention span and note-taking skills are lacking so much that you need to reinforce your request with a follow-up email. that’s what makes me want to take a swan-dive off the side of the building.


  11. i’m always fashionably late for these interesting lickle chats you have with your fan club … but the list of comments under your “from the sidelines” section on this page looks like a spam attack waiting to happen.

    ah and what about “bcc” ?? … before the caveman cometh …

    me also knows about telexes thank you very much, as well as IBM golf ball typewriters. Now that was a technological marvel if ever there was one.


  12. i like when people send an email to “all in network” telling everyone not to “reply all” in emails, and everyone “replies all” agreeing people need to stop hitting “reply all.”


  13. you is the all-seeing all-knowing oracle, fe sure.
    never doubted that for a minute.
    i would never call a man pretty … well maybe Robert Smith (when he was a young un and the Cure had just started fiddling about with goth music)


  14. I disagree. The charm really kicks in two years later when you’re forwarded THE SAME EMAIL again because it was just SO wonderful the first three times.


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