It would take too long to explain

It was in the wash
So much for Friday night. What did I get up to? Oh, you know. Stuff. As one does. However, I will say this: I may be a terrible driver, but I can change a tyre in record time.

I also chatted to Kyknoord Jr on the phone on Sunday. I miss her. She misses her old man too, even though he’s a mean motherfucker. Many thanks to Jessica for pointing that out.

38 thoughts on “It would take too long to explain

  1. Who needs an orange skirt to get arrested?? Pavlos Joseph just needed the loo, and he’s facing some outrageous “We are FIFA, we control South Africa now” charges about trespassing. I think the guy should be rewarded for finding an obvious flaw in the security measures! 😀

    Sorry that you’re missing your girl – Father’s Day without the midgets isn’t the same – I missed my dad too, today…


    • Go teach your grandmother to suck eggs! That’s how we spell it in the rest of the English-speaking world. Also: doughnut, colour, aluminium and so forth.


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