First principles

Many thanks to Dolce, Nursemyra and Daisyfae for their extremely shapely birthday greetings :mrgreen:

You three could probably make a small fortune if you sell that t-shirt on eBay. Your fanboys will be clambering over one another for the opportunity to own such a valuable item.

Stv has added his unique, yet classic take on matters.


71 thoughts on “First principles

  1. *More jazz hands* Aaaaaand carpal tunnel.

    Just kidding. I’m made of sturdier stuff. Happy birthday, even though I’m not first. Not that THAT is a first. Because I’m NEVER first. (And never bitter about it.)


  2. fifth….
    what..why do i always get smacked down by Jebus H. Krispies but he failed to show up yet for the others.


  3. Did you know that every day, somewhere in the world, it is someone’s birthday? Appears that today (tomorrow from my locale) is yours. Have a happy one. Celebrate. Enjoy. May as well, eh?


  4. Isn’t Cancer considered a “feminine” and “negative” sign?
    Oh well, have a happy day anyway.No, really.Blow your vuvuzela.


  5. technically, I was first! why didn’t you say anything yesterday! I would have got you something! like an naartjie or a tiny kitten or a balderdash set!


    • Some religious dude warned me that “Shirley, Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”, but I’ve managed to obtain a restraining order against them.


  6. Rats! I feel sure (in that guilty way that I always do – catholic/jewish guilt is a terrible thing – the last vestiges of my religious past mwahahaha) that I should have known it was your birthday. Why you didn’t say anything so that I could stick a candle in a naartjie-flavoured kitten and sing happy birthday to you? Consider it done. Happy happy birfday Kyk.


  7. Furst! As in Stephen Furst who was Flounder in Animal House, and he was also on Babylon 5. Oh, and that movie The Dream Team where he and Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle were escaped mental patients.


  8. They were shapely greetings weren’t they?!
    I’m with Daisyfae (not as in I’m squeezing my buxom bosom at you, as in I’m tapping my toe in impatient anticipation of fur lined thong images…)


  9. Oh, I am very, very late to this birthday party. My apologies. On the upside, I appear to possibly be a winner at the LAST! game. Unless someone leaves a comment after me. In which case I am not a winner. As I’ve always suspected.


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