Because the little blue pixies told me

Even worse - it said I was overdrawn


54 thoughts on “Because the little blue pixies told me

  1. I feel like that too. Waiting for my vacation to arrive in August, although I’m doubtful the time off and away will be sufficient.

    Here’s to a successful leave taking, kyk!


  2. Nothing wrong with entering a PIN into the photocopier provided it then provides high quality copies of notes. Of course, that would be – technically – illlegal, but the risk would need to be balanced against the convenience.


  3. When my bank sent me my new ATM card, the included letter stated to keep my PIN number private. But it did NOT explicitly caution against entering a PIN number into a copier, so I can logically assume that’s perfectly OK to do.


  4. These aren’t the same pixies who are fond of testicles are they? I wouldn’t listen to a word they say. Srsly!


  5. See, this is where i can’t relate anymore. My losing it these days means wanting to pour OJ in the coffee filter. (Quasi-)joblessness is a bitch on your usual social understandings.
    Having said that, i can’t believe they want you to justify your wanting time off… Time to whip out the RPG launcher and *show* them why?


  6. Only until inanimate objects tell you to do things, horrible things, will the “I think I’m losing it” excuse work on someone. You can get a lot of mileage out of “The stapler wants me to burn the world.”


  7. Papa Smurf says have as much time as you need. Recharge those batteries and come back as the Duracell Bunny… 😉

    And I’m with you on the pin thing, except I find myself pressing 0 before making a call at home, and because our photocopier at work is touch-screen, whenever I use an ATM, I keep pressing the screen instead of the buttons! 😀


  8. I try to unlock cars that don’t belong to me. I try to expand the picture on the LCD screen of my camera by pinching my fingers on the screen and spreading them like its my iPhone. The list goes on and on….


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