To market, to market

but we all get to profit-share in the earnings from my latest project!
Yes, I understand the importance of marketing, but there are limits, dammit! “Oh, that’s great! Now there’s just one more thing…” starts to wear thin after the third iteration.

Seriously, if you’re prepared to let people take advantage of you, there are many, many people who will have no qualms whatsoever about doing so.

It’s essentially a translation of the free milk / unpurchased cow scenario into the business world. The results are the same, however: someone gets screwed.


38 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. Grrrrrr!!!!! I LOATHE “Clients” who ask me to “work on risk”. I refuse point blank and recently one cheeky chop said to me:
    “I can’t believe you are turning down this great opportunity!”
    Me: “You want me to stop work for paying Clients to work for you for FREE, for a project that may of may not happen?”

    Doos. Frothing at the mouth just thinking about it.


  2. I get done in by clients all the time. Spend all day getting them quotes and then after selliing my first (unborn & as yet unanything) grandchild into servitude for its’ entire lifetime to get the best rates, said prospective client says “uh I’ve decided to go with those guys on tv because why should I pay a broker?” (yeah like you are paying me anything- doos! They don’t realize that they don’t pay me anyway – those insurance companies do – and those guys on tv are going to make them pay as well – one way or another) grr now I’m in a worse mood – been spending all morning getting quotes for a client…..


  3. Bugger. I’m late.


    Here goes.

    What used to get my giddy old goat was the term “seadcorn money.”

    Catch all excuse in examples such as “Jon – we’ve lost a flipping great stack of cash doing something that would have been seen as being obviously ill advised by a mentally retarded aardvaark, and we’re really sorry, but we did learn a great deal and I reckon that the client was really pleased with the result so in many ways it’s SEEDCORN MONEY”

    And I’d say “No it fucking isn’t – it’s your bonus.”


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