The wheel of life

I need time to grieve
After a long and bitter fight against entropy, my scooter finally died.

I’d consulted some of the top specialists in the business, but they said that even drastic intervention would only be postponing the inevitable. They recommended that I simply allow Nature to take its course. It wasn’t an easy decision.

I loved that little clunker. It kept me mobile after my ex got custody of the car in the divorce. It carried on without so much as a murmur of complaint after several painful accidents. It kept me company after several painful break-ups. It will be sorely missed.

Vade in pace, old friend


55 thoughts on “The wheel of life

  1. Aw, that sucks… being without wheels, even those of a scooter, must be a bit kak. Once you’ve been in mourning for a suitable length of time, I suggest you get back in the saddle… a little Italian bird might just be able to cheer you up! If I remember correctly, her name is Vespa? 🙂


  2. Awww… I’m dreading the death of my car. It’s almost 10 years, and that’s usually when they start needing repairs, and I can’t get to work, and I start looking at nice new cars, and I leave them in the lurch. Where do you put groceries in a scooter?


  3. Damn, I’m sorry! I’d offer you a lift, but with my skill behind the wheel, you run the risk of ending up resting in pieces, just like your scooter.


  4. sincerest condolences. but remember, the old scooters have to die to make room for the shiny new ones. perhaps someone is – at this very moment – bashing the crap out of a scooter, driving under the influence into a market stall full of muskmelons. he will trade the fruit-encrusted scraps into the dealer for a shiny new one – making your future scooter available to you…. Go now, Simba. Grieve. And tomorrow, rise to the new day, forever onward. At least until you crash the new scooter into a wall or something.


  5. I’m sorry for your terrible loss. There’s a whole scooter sub-culture in New York. They’re trying to get cars off the road. They want NYC to look more European. Perhaps you could Google them and form a support group. The Dead Scooter Society.


  6. Huh, well I just bought a Duramax diesel powered Chevy 3/4 ton crew cab truck and I’ve got a small SUV to sell now. Interested?


  7. this is horrible news. are you sure there’s not a faith healer that can lay hands on it? or maybe borrow a defibrillator? CLEAR!!! c’mon boy…live!


  8. Oh, Kyknoord. I’m so sorry for your loss…
    Please don’t think i’m being flippant, but you know what they say, right? After a fall, it’s important to get right back on. So come on! Buy a horse!


      • Your daughter would think you’re *so* cool if you bought a My Little Pony.

        Wait. No. What I mean is, I would think you’re so cool.

        Oh! Also, buy a Pound Puppy! I loved Pound Puppies. In hindsight, though, that *might* not solve your current transport crisis.

        Or will it? No, it won’t. Probably.


  9. What are you going to do about the send off? When I was in the UK the tradition there was to find some place of outstanding natural beauty, remove anything remotely valuable, and then set fire to the beast, after which it would just rust away, becoming once again one with nature.

    Here in France they enter a relentless cycle of re-use, with salvaged bits appearing again as transplants in other old scooters, but I must say the Viking funeral has a certain appeal.

    Whatever, let me know the date, place & time and I’ll send flowers. OK, a flower. Dried. In an envelope. Postage isn’t cheap.


  10. Next stop “Taxi”dermis. They remove the oil and other juices and then it can be mounted again – even if only on a suitable platform to make for an awesome piece of installation art in your house / bijoux love palace.


  11. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Pull yourself together dude! See this as the beginning of a quest. A quest for money to buy a big Harley.


  12. My V-dub beetle died some years ago and your blog brought that tragic day back to me. To add insult to injury I move on to a Mazda Sting. No more breakdowns – but no more ‘soul’ either. Hang in there!


  13. oui..the lose of a trusty companion is always hard.
    we should all have a moment of silence at your designated time for us to remember your scooter.


  14. I get very confused when people talk about scooters. Aren’t they things like roller skates which you power by kicking the ground? I don’t see how something like that can ever break down.


  15. I felt the same way about my childhood bicycle, The Green Machine, I mean granted, it didnt get my through a divorce, but we did endure some painful accidents together, like not making it down “Death Hill” in one piece….


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