Luddites of the world unite!

Steven King had the right of it when he named his psychotic clown monster thing ‘IT’

ME: Couldn’t this wait until next week? We have a deadline to meet.
IT DUDE: “Wait”? “Next week”? What are these strange noises you make? Step aside or I will reactivate Clippy!

And that, my friends, is progress.

50 thoughts on “Luddites of the world unite!

  1. Ah yes. The itinerant IT department. Never have so many been paid so much for doing or contributing so little. I’m not sure whether or not they are as bad or worse than the EH&S department. Leeches on my life.


  2. The same chaps who deem complete shut-downs (across4 time zones!) “essential” just when the monthly figures are being computed? Thought so.


  3. Ah, the dreaded upgrade… the one that then seems to send the network into a tailspin, and everything that did work suddenly doesn’t work – and we’re always sold the upgrade by IT on the basis it’s going to make our lives so much better…. er, NOT!

    I love phoning IT, with a problem, and when they run through the patter – “did you switch it off/on, have you pressed this, is it plugged in at the wall, yada-yada, yada” – and I say done it all, mate, can we get on with it all?


  4. if it ain’t broke, break it, and establish yourself as an indispensible part of the repair process, perhaps even requiring overtime, with combat pay, to get things working again…


  5. So. You’re starting to use the BSG’isms. I’m surprised you didn’t look at your computer this morning and yell “Frackin’ toaster” and blow it to smithereens.


  6. Ja, I’m not so popular with our IT department, yet very familiar. On more than one occasion have I (angrily and using many fuck words) logged a call for faulty printer software only to have IT Dude inform me that the printer cables weren’t plugged in.


  7. Just as long as they don’t block Pandora. I need the Music Genome Project to funnel me with music at my desk so that I don’t focus on the drudgery of office work and attempt to rectify the situation by burning the world. That is, when I get a new office job.


  8. Apparently Baltimore PD is ruled by their IT department, because that’s also how The Wire coppers (see what i did?!) speak… Maybe you should consider a change of career? Word (on the…) is HBO could now do with new screenwriting blood.


  9. One of the many advantages of doing the undervalued, underpaid ‘work’ of mothering is that you dont have to deal with IT guys, but all that really means is that I use my “fucks” (the adjective) for when dealing with dirty nappies….


  10. fuck. i just clicked ‘download now’ instead of ‘fuck off and die’ when itunes told me it had a new update and asked me if i wanted to download it…



  11. What do you mean?! I love IT dudes! They are like office gods! Ok, so I never really understand what they are talking about – but hey – as long as I have internet access I’m a happy camper. I’m easy to please that way. Whenever the network is down I plug in the 3G USB modem thingy – it’s like a pacifier for a screaming baby. Ooh I’m online! Works every time.


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