Foreign aid

The irony is that when you start having hallucinations of Clippy, you really DO need help


44 thoughts on “Foreign aid

  1. I have an ear infection that is slowly but, i suspect, surely, killing me.
    So, i would kill for your paperclip. Win/win?


    • And here I thought I was the only one receiving instructions to kill – although in my case, I suspect it’s the drugs, rather than an ear infection, that causes the hallucinations.


  2. You can put paper clips into shredders. I think. I mean, you can put staples into shredders, and paper clips are just glorified staples. Not yours, though. Because it can talk and stuff. I’ll have to check the manual.


  3. Have you ever considered what might happen if you were nice to Clippy? I think that would cause him to spontaneously combust. Try it next time and let us know. What’s the worst that could happen? A stalking paper clip would still be the least of your problems.


    • I suppose it’s worth a try, although I have visions of Clippy making friends with the testicle-eating pixies and that will definitely end in tears.


  4. I think the IT guy has clearly taken revenge for your previous post – because you could have turned clippy into the cutest puppy with but the click of a mouse button, if it still clicked … oh wait…you don’t like puppies either. You could choose the cute little kitty???? Uh Kyknoord why is your eye twitching like that?


  5. I loathe Clippy so much I joined the Facebook group:

    “People Who Hate Clippy, the Stupid Paper Clip from Microsoft Word” (Seriously!)

    Soon we’re making a series of movies based on our hatred of Clippy.
    Clippy on the edge
    Unwanted Clip
    Die Hard Clippy … and my personal favourite:
    Clippy must die


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