You know you’re having a bad day when…

It's gonna be clowns next, you mark my words


54 thoughts on “You know you’re having a bad day when…

  1. OMG! Barney!! You’ve just dragged me back 10+ years to my son’s childhood and that damned purple grinning loon. You’re between a rock and a hard place if it’s a choice between Clippy and the master of “I love you, you love me”… 😀


  2. Who or what the hell is a Barney? (Other than Barney Botha who was a particularly aggressive prop forward…I don’t think he loved anyone.)


    • You’ve been spared the scourge of Barney? I ddin’t think that was even possible. Trust me, this is one of those things you’re better off not knowing.


  3. be careful of that Barney chap, he only wants to hug you so he can get you within reach of his teensy Tyrano-arms, and eat you alive.

    alternate comment, he’s legen–wait for it, hope you’re not lactose intolerant cos it’s–DAIRY! (HIMYM? anyone? anyone?)


  4. There are some not very nice girls at work who wear purple often. Now I will simply think of them as Barney and giggle wickedly at them instead of shrinking into a paranoid shadow of my former self.


  5. I don’t have to spare your feelings, Clippy! You’re a paperclip. You exist only to hold papers together that I don’t want stapled, and if you’re lucky to be used to pick locks by the guy on Burn Notice, or in some wild contraption by MacGyver.


  6. Thankyou – now I understand Barney was a kiddie TV show, yes? But he couldn’t have been worse than Teletubbies! In any event, I shall not seek out Wiki’s entries.


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