All kinds of wrong

Overheard in the office kitchen:

…I don’t know what I’m going to tell my wife. I lost my ring in the toilet…


40 thoughts on “All kinds of wrong

  1. LOL It must be Monday because it took me a while. Originally I was thinking “If he loves her, he would have fished it out.”

    Now I’m thinking “That must have been one hell of a curry.”


  2. I’m not sure how to take this.

    Having lived most of my adult life in London and speaking, I suppose, the dialect of English most commonly associated with that city I would imagine that your co-worker had just had a most intimate same sex encounter amonst the vitrious enamal ware that he now regretted in a matrimonal sense.

    Or he dropped his wedding ring down the thunderbox, which is worse.


  3. He needs to go on the offensive. Flip that shit around. He should tell his wife “Yeah I lost the ring in the toilet and it’s your fault.” She won’t know what to attack first: his losing of the ring or his losing of his mind. Always be on offense, that’s the Tag Larkin way.


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