Beware of… stuff

They're so... so... numbery!
The other night Andrew and I were having our regular conversation about aliens, conspiracies and time-travel, when he mentioned that he’d decided to give up smoking for August (A bold step indeed; she must be very pretty!)

Apparently, his announcement of this fact online via a status update sparked a minor fracas with some of his contacts. What began as disagreement about second-hand smoke swiftly developed into an eccentric argument about the detrimental impacts of second-hand tattoos and second-hand mandolin playing.

Before you scoff, Science says that there are real risks associated with exposure to second-hand divorce. No, really.

I can certainly attest to the deleterious effects of prolonged contact with second-hand stupidity.


36 thoughts on “Beware of… stuff

  1. my high blood pressure, on occasion, is certainly due to my exposure to ‘second hand hillbilly’. doctor said take two Budweisers, shoot up an animal, go down a river in an innertube and call me in the morning.


  2. Lisa Simpson: “I believe the preferred term is ‘conjoined twins’.”

    Dr. Hibbert: “And hillbillies want to be called ‘Sons of the Soil’, but it ain’t gonna happen.”


  3. Any conversation starting with aliens, conspiracy theories and time travel can only go down hill from there.

    I, for one, would not be displeased to see tobacco go extinct. It would likely, sadly, be replaced with something equally, if not more, noxious.

    How does one go about getting a second hand tattoo, I wonder?


  4. Perhaps a couple of afternoons watching Takalani Sesame will catch them up on the funtamentals of advanced mathematics?


  5. Humourous littany of ‘seconds’. Fellow Aussies will sympathise when I say I suffer from exposure to ‘secondary bogans’*, and the primary bogans also leave little to be desired.
    *Australian hillbillies.


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