Pressing matters


There has been much discussion recently about the proposed Protection of Information Bill. Should this Bill find its way into the statute books in its current form, it will give the government virtually free reign in deciding what the media can and cannot print. The legislation has drawn widespread criticism because it has such potential for abuse. This is particularly worrying in a country which doesn’t exactly have the best track-record when it comes to fighting corruption.

The proposed Bill is chillingly reminiscent of similar laws that curtailed press freedom during the dark days of apartheid – the very same laws that the present ruling party fought against so bitterly. Would you like fries with your irony, Mr Zuma?

I’ve had to sit through many a dreary PowerPoint presentation where I’ve desperately wanted to gag the speaker. If I’m expected to grit my teeth and resist the temptation, then I don’t see why the government can’t do the same.


45 thoughts on “Pressing matters

  1. wait a minute? did we accidently export a bunch of right wing nutjobs? we meant to send bad television programming, low-paying jobs and an epidemic of obesity….


  2. I remember those days when the government censors had free reign – and I also remember when The Star started leaving gaps where the pulled articles had been – sometimes something so little can say so much!

    I guess someone needs to remind them that “freedom of speech” doesn’t actually mean the freedom to choose what speech they want to hear!

    PS. When I was younger, I was rather relieved to discover that I had normal nipples… I almost miss Scope and all those stars! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. That is terrifying.

    I am very, very scared of censorship ( I’m kind of writing a book about it actually. The book will probably suck ) and to see it rearing it’s ugly head makes me fear not only for your country, but also for our world.

    I hope things turn out okay.


    • You and me both. I can’t say I’m optimistic, though. Our present government has a reputation for promulgating extremely ill-considered legislation and then scratching their heads afterwards when things go awry.


  4. censorship is everywhere, all the matter how you look at’s here to stay..
    Politicians do it, parents do it, schools do it..pick a person, pick a place, pick a’s all censored somewhere at some time.
    even you have the right to censor me..go ahead..I dare you!!


  5. I just hope that as a country, the majority will learn to question our leaders and stop following blindly. I’m guessing, if that ever happens, it won’t be in the near future.



  6. De-pressing matters, more like. Any chance that an uprising of the population would change the course of things? (Hey, i’m French! That’s how we do things over (t)here!)


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