A mind-blowing experience

The boss doesn't suffer from migraines because he's a carrier


59 thoughts on “A mind-blowing experience

  1. My last couple of bosses were so impressed by my writing credentials they didn’t question anything I did.

    I don’t think the new guy will be so easily bamboozled.


  2. Do you still think my box of 100 Syndol was such an extravagance? Huh? Huh? I neeeed them. And my axons are aching. They make a sound like this: EE EE EE – see? it is too a word. Still suffering from a lack of Zen placement I guess?


  3. ” It’s perfect!… only can you move the whole building 5ocm to the left?”
    I’ve already popped two Advils today. I still have to pick up my car at the repair shop. I’ll propably have an aneurism when I see the final bill.


  4. What I hate even more is when you get sent a large document by email, and you (foolishly) presume the sender has sorted all the page settings, etc., and you print out the document, and then discover, 70 pages later, (usually half of them blank or with a column running down the left-hand edge) that you were wrong! Aaarrrggghhhh!

    Death is too kind a punishment, methinks!


  5. Whoa!!! Just below your comment column is an automatically generated post your readers”might also like.”
    Today, it’s a video and Muggins, thinking it was from you, clicked. Muggins no longer think it’s from you.


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