Hello Darkness, my old friend

And turn that light off!

I work in a world of extremes.

Not too long ago, I was in the loop. Hey, I was SO in the loop, I was practically a rollercoaster test pilot. Sadly, those days appear to be over and my membership in the Mushroom Club has been reinstated.

I know I occupy one of the lower rungs on the corporate ladder. However, I never realised quite how far down I was until this morning, when I got to hear about one of the company’s new projects second-hand, via my ex-girlfriend, who read about it online. Nicely played, Management.

Can I get fries with my manure, please?


55 thoughts on “Hello Darkness, my old friend

  1. What?? You’re expecting management to tell the worker bees what’s going on? They don’t have time to do that – they’re too busy telling everyone else!! Or you could just blame Eskom for keeping you in the dark… 😉


  2. start playing “you don’t bring me flowers” on a constant loop, through the speakers on your computer. eat chocolates at your desk. leave copies of “eat, pray, love” lying around…


  3. You know, I don’t want to be in the friggin’ loop. People at work want me to be in the loop and I stick my fingers in my ears and sing really loudly when they try to tell me stuff.


  4. Maybe they feel it is your responsibility to keep yourself up on what is going on in the company via the internet and rumor mill. Epic Fail on your part, by the way. You really should put more effort into keeping yourself informed.


  5. I would not want to be higher up on my particular corporate ladder, although I don’t whether a bunch of teachers could be conidered ‘coporate’. Try ‘mad’. Maybe treat the mushroom status as a pleasant j-cation – a holiday at work!


  6. Saw a shirt once that had a little mushroom on it. Caption? ‘I’m a fun-guy’. Might as well dress the part. 😉


  7. I agree it’s pretty dispiriting, but on the plus side you might be able to have a little fun routing information to them in the same way on the basis that this is somehow the new “paradigm.”

    Did you get my postcard BTW?


    • I was thinking of going the other way and using carrier pigeons.
      A postcard? How exciting! Sadly, my PO box was a postcard-free zone when I last checked it on Sunday.


  8. I agree with Jon in France. There is something liberating about being a mushroom…namely that henceforth, they can only expect you to operate within whatever confines you’ve been given. AND rather than being in the know, hearing all of the dirty corporate secrets, you can now be GENUINELY shocked when your HR manager calls you in and makes you sign your own probationary papers. You, being highly intelligent, will be preparing your resume in the meantime. Right?


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