Meeting expectations

My plan is elegant in its simplicity


45 thoughts on “Meeting expectations

  1. I’m glad I’m now too “senior” for the boss to have me sit in for him at whatever meetings he can’t make. The young (and dumb) keeners lap that shit up like it’s electric kool-aid. Good for them.


  2. i’ve delegated out a delegation before. it didn’t pan out well; the delegate I sent got so drunk at the event that she missed work the next day, and had the nerve to thank me publically for the smashing good time. let’s hope your delegate sends the office cat.


  3. Yes, send in a woman and insist you has gender reassignment surgery. That way everyone at the office can go for counciling and transgender sensitivity training.


  4. That would be your stand in doing the meeting monkey.

    Stand up is so much more entertaining.

    He’ll be invited forthwith instead of you and nobody will question why:)


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