May I cut in?

I don't really have time for anything else
I got absolutely sweet fuck all done today, because I had to deal with one interruption after another. It got so bad that at one point (during lunch, naturally), I found myself fending off a third-level nested interruption – i.e. an interrupted interruption got interrupted. And then the phone rang.

By then I had smoke coming out of my ears. It turns out that Dad was right; smoking IS bad for you.

So yes, I’m a little stressed.


47 thoughts on “May I cut in?

  1. installing a tripwire outside your office – triggers directional, high frequency, brain piercing shrieks toward interupterers – might be a fine use of an evening this week… and you can put it down to overtime, perhaps?


  2. A third-level nested interruption!!! Woah. You need a stiff cocktail.

    Since I’m able to turn a computer on and do things like hit “Enter,” most of my colleagues at work interrupt me all the time, and it drives me crazy.


  3. May I offer you one of my little orange pills (again)? Or is it the blue ones? No, maybe it’s the white ones – ah hell I would just take one of each and nod off at my desk – giving all interrupters a sweet somewhat confused smile. Not that I resort to drugs to deal with interruptions, I am actually super-chilled and handle stress magnificently. The pills are just there in case I have a really bad day (=4th level nested interruption with error messages)


  4. With respect, an interrupted interruption being interrupted is not an example of a third-level nested interruption. That would just be a second instance of a second-level nested interruption. If an interruption occurred in either of the interruptions to the original interruption, that would be a third-level nested interruption.


  5. Pah! At least you have work to do dude. And interuptions. Hell I’d kill for interuptions. We have so little work at the moment, we’re all pretending to work while playing tetris – just to stay gainfully employed!


  6. The trick is to shout “NO!” before they even start talking and slam the phone down.

    Ditto as they walk towards you. After a while they don’t bother asking.

    It works on teenagers too.


  7. Do what I did: make a cone hat out of printer paper, write ‘i’m an interrupting interrupter’ on it, keep it right next to your stapler, and anyone who approaches your desk to disrupt your current task, gets to wear the hat while they talk. the psychological impact should clear up that issue. you can also make one for whiny complainers that says ‘someone moved my cheese.’


  8. Its funny, in most of my old jobs I would call the day a success if I did “sweet fuck all”, it is the same kind of work ethic that sees me change The Boys nappy strictly only once a day and take him to the park to eat other children’s food scraps with the seagulls rather than prepare his lunch….


  9. You clearly need to stop being so reliably problem-solving. Walk around the office complaining loudly about how everything is getting muddled, you keep misplacing things and that you could have sworn you’d left the contract in the photocopier. People may keep a wider berth.


  10. Just be thankful that you don’t have piles. Umm. Unless you do. You’ve never mentioned that before. Unless you have, and I’m a terrible reader. Then … commence the pooh-poohing.


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