Is “nomination” LOLspeak for “digestion”?

and find yourself a girlfriend, for Dad's sake!
The other side of the mountain is a finalist in the local flog bog blog awards. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to vote here. Alternatively, you can click on the blinkie in the sidebar and follow the convoluted process of ballot verification. If you’re from Florida, you might want to skip this step altogether and go and lie down.

I was planning on mentioning a few others you might want to consider, but Dot Black beat me to the punch. Probably just as well; I don’t really like punch.


47 thoughts on “Is “nomination” LOLspeak for “digestion”?

  1. Okay, so can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong… I follow your link, I go and put my X, add my email address, and then get an email. Where I then follow the instructions to “click on the link” to confirm my vote – which takes me to a page that then tells me “Sorry, but the vote confirmation link you entered is incorrect.” It’s the bl**dy link that was sent to me!!!

    So, basically, I tried, but I failed. I will try again. Later. When I’ve had my lie-down, and the psyche nurse has given me my tablets for the day. Once they’ve undone the sleeves…


  2. Puleeze I voted yonks ago – when the pretty sparkly please dominate me sign first appeared. I’ll do anything for sparkles and tins of chunky apricot jam – and the hope of being able to dominate something or someone


    • My gratitude knows no bounds, but the original entreaty to Dominate Me was only the first stage to weed out the weaklings and Twilight fanciers. This second stage is to pick the ultimate warrior category winners and involves more grovelling. And maybe more jam.


  3. at the risk of sounding psycho-fan-tic: i voted for one blog – yours!
    ok, so i lie. i also voted for mine, but being pantsless, you always leave me pant-ing for more.


  4. I’d give you my vote of confidence, but as it turns out, I am actually not a very confident person and clearly don’t have any to spare. So I guess this whole click-the-linky will have to suffice.


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