The delegation dilemma

and this was my favourite jacket
For the record: I have no problem with delegation. I am, however, exceedingly reluctant to assign important tasks to the brain-dead.

Scene: A cube farm. MINION is sitting at a workstation, picking his nose and examining the results. His finger is headed towards his mouth when KYKNOORD enters, stage left.

KYKNOORD: Have you finished compiling the test results yet?
MINION: Test results? I thought you meant I should draw doodles of unicorns and jerk off under the desk.
KYKNOORD: No, I really do need you to compile the test results.
MINION: Oh. Are you sure?

KYKNOORD’s ulcer and migraine compete for supremacy. They both win.



37 thoughts on “The delegation dilemma

  1. Sooo…..apparently……all this time that I’ve been coming to your blog & reading….I have been mispronouncing your name. Gaz finally told me today….it’s “look north”. Not…”jew north”. Baaahahahaha!!! (sorry…afrikaans/english dictionaries are extremely hard to come by in this neck of the woods)


  2. Delegation is always a bit of a bugger when only morons are available to share the burden. Me, I have a dog I can delegate to and she has never failed me yet.

    Admitted, I do “trim” the tasks a bit: “Bonnie, lie on that rug for me” or “Bonnie – I need this dog food eating as a matter of urgency” that sort of thing, but her competence and enthusiasm are never lacking.


  3. Look on the bright side: It is getting easier and easier to be a star performer, by contrast, while doing less and less. It’s win/lose, but as long you’re in the win column, what does it matter?


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